Make Up Removers

Hi Lovelies, All of us makeup addicts are aware that after we had a day where we wore makeup for the whole day or after we had a smokey eye for a few hours taking off the makeup is the hardest. The eyes are most sensitive area to clean and the tugging and pulling or rubbing the eye area can cause undereye lines and damage the delicate skin around the eyes. We need the Products that does the job well and here is the list of all the Makeup Rmovers I use regularly and are on top of my list.

  1. MakeUp Forever SENS’EYES
  2. Chanel Gentle Biphase MakeUp Remover
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Take It All OFF Genius Eye MakeUp Remover


Make Up Forever SENS’EYES

My favourite go to makeup remover is Make Up ForEver SESN’EYES. I have been using this makeup remover for last many years and it is the most commonly used makeup remover. It is always on my rebuying list.


The product is light creamy in consistency, light sky blue color and is totally non irritaing to the eyes. Like the other watery cleaners it does not get inside the eyes and irriates them.

Chanel Gentle Biphase MakeUp Remover

It is a makeup remover for eyes and lips. You can totally take off the eye makeup and with the poularity of Matte Lipstick and Liquid Lipsticks that are long lasting it is a must for use on the lips.


The product is light sky blue and watery in consistency. It removes the makeup very well and takes off even water proof makeup from the eyes. The product is non irritating to the eyes.

Charlotte Tilbury Take It All OFF Genius Eye MakeUp Remover

Like all other Charlotte Tilbury makeup this product is a Genius too. The packaging is beautiful and does not spill. It can be used on the whole face to remove the makeup or Can be used to remove the eye makeup only.


The product smells good and takes off all the makeup away. The remover is watery in consistency and is again a light sky blue in color. The product is highly recommended for use.

Thanks for your time.

Which MakeUp Removers you Use? Please leave in comments







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