Hi Lovelies, I have been thinking for a while to write about this? They say that ‘eyes are the window of the soul’ and brows frame your eyes. I think brows are a very important part of any look from natural to fashionista. The brows frame the eyes and no eye makeup look is complete without doing the brows. Even when I have little time to get ready. I run a pencil through my brows, conceal the dark spots, Curl my eyelashes and wear a lipstick and I am good to go.


What Kind of Brow Products are available in the Market?

There are four general categories.

  1. Brow Pencils
  2. Brow Powders
  3. Brow Pomades
  4. Brow Setters

Almost all the brands have come up with one or all of theses brow products. The brow game is stronger than ever. As more and more people are getting awareness about makeup they are more obsessed with Brow Products as well. Benefit and Anastasia are my favorite to use for Brows. Benefit recently came up with an impressive line of brow products.

The Brow Pencils

I think these were the first brow products that came in the market. The brow pencils like any other pencil are easy to use and can help fill in the brows fast and simple. They are mostly available in many colors to match the hair color of your brows. Anastasia came up with fine brow pencils to give a more precise application. You can add small strokes with the pencil that look like brow hair.


Brow Powders

Bobby Brown and MAC have been suggesting the use of Brow Powders for last many years. The Matte Brow Powders are used to fill in the gaps and give a pretty good finish.


Brow Pomades

Anastasia brow pomades are the game changer. They are gel like product with pigmentation and they work best to give color to the brows and because they are mixed with Wax it sets the brows in place too. Many other companies have come up with pomades now.


Brow Setters

The brow setters are like mascaras for the brow. They give color and texture to the brows. They coat each hair and hold it in place. The first brow setter were transparent but later the companies came up with colored brow gels and they are even better.


Brushes that are needed to do your Brows?

Many or all of the brow pencils are now dual ended. On one end is the Brow Pencil and on the other end is a spoolie. Run the spoolie though the brows, fill in the brows with pencil and run spoolie again to give a smoother, softer look. Many companies have brow brushes in their brush line. This brush below from Anastasia is just perfect to use with powders and pomades and had a spoolie at one end too to brush the brows.


How to Do your Brows in Few Simple Steps?


I am here to answer if you have any more questions. Thanks for your time. Please leave your thoughts in the Comments.




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