Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette by Make Up Geek

Hi Lovelies, I have been trying to get this palette for a while. The palette arrived last week in the mail. I was totally happy to get the palette. The palette is a treat to the eyes and the color swatches are wonderful.

Makeup Geek partnered with popular vlogger KathleenLights to produce this palette. The colors are pretty glowy and beautiful.

Have a look at the Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette


The Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette is a beauty. The palette has three Highlighter Colors, Sunlight, Starlight and Nightlight. The colors has been selcted well and are well suited for the sahdes. I needed to review and use this palette as soon as this was received.


My first impression of the palette was that the highlighters will be dark for my skin tone. I am not afriad to say that I was wrong. The colors are totally awesome and will suit all from Medium to Dark Skin Tones.

The packaging is Nice and Chic and does the justice to the product. It was all worth the effort of getting it.

The pigmentation is pretty high and pays off the real highlighting effect. The colors are buildable. They can be used solely as a highlighter or on top of a Blusher for added Glow and oomph. The highlighters are cruelty free and are not tested on animals. They are also talc and paraban free.

Lets Do the Sawtaches now


The Sunlight Highlighter in the kit is a pretty Gold color with reflective luminous finish and the color payoff is really good. Would look perfect for Winter Looks.


The middle shad in the kit is Starlight. The color is king of Rosy Pink with a reflective luminous finish and I am pretty sure it will be best suited for medium skin tones and over the Blushers.


The last color in the kit is Nighlight and it is a soft Copper with reflective luminous finish. I shall probably be using on top of the Blsuh or for highlighting the eyes. The color is well suited for darker tones.

In smaal words I love this Highlight Palette. All the colors are fantastic and give a smooth and luminous finish. Kathleen Lights did an amazing job with the color selection. The formula is beautiful and perfect.

Someone suggested to use the palette not as a single shade but mix all the three together and the effect is totally divine. Here is a swatch for you


I would like to hear your thoughts on you.

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