NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette

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I have been a makeup lover, a makeup addict and a makeup hoarder for last 15 years. Whatever, I have learned about makeup is by trial and error. I wasted a lot of money on purchase of many bad products that were not worth buying and sometimes I was able to get my hands on Limited addition, beautiful and useful Pieces that I treasure most.

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It has already been two months since I started my Blog. November is already here and while I was thinking what to write about today. The palettes popped in my mind. In my Blog I have not reviewed any palettes and I wanted to start with my absolute favorite.

NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette


I got my hands on this palette a while ago and have used it many times. Steven Klein designed the palette quite well and it is the only Cheek and Contour companion you will need for your travels. I would have loved it even more if a Shimmer Highlighter was added in the same palette and I did not have to carry an extra one with me (just my thoughts).


The packaging is very chic and lovable. It comes with a Matte Highlighter, The Famous Laguna Bronzer by NARS perfect for contours and bronzing and a Matte Contour Blush Paloma. The product also comes with 4 Cheek Colors called Robotic, Blasphemy, Luster and Dolce Vita. The palette can be used by all from Light to Medium Skin Tones.

I will do the swatches on all and give my opinion.


The One on the Top is the Paloma. The color is perfect to use for Contour and can used as a Matte Bronzer as well. Will suit all skin colors.

The One on the bottom is the famous Laguna Bronzer by Nars . The color has a sheen to it and can be used for bronzing or some times you can even get away with it if used for contouring.

What can be better than having the Matte and Shimmery Bronzer in one palette.


The Cheek color on the top is Robotic, it is  a cool toned pink and will suit most the very light colored people. The color is shimmery and can be used alone without a highlighter. The color is build able.

The color on the bottom is Blasphemy, The color is a deeper pink than Robotic and will suit all from light to medium skin tones. The color has a sheen to it as it depicts very well in swatches as well. The color looks deadly if used with the matching lipstick.


The color swatch above is called Luster and it is favorite color in the palette. The color is a peach gold and I am totally in love with the color. The color has an added sheen and can be used by all skin colors.

The bottom swatch is of Cheek Color called Dolce Vita. The color has an added sheen like the rest of the cheek colors and is most suited for the women of color or people with dark skin tones. The color is a mix of tawny and pink.

I have no regrets what so ever about buying this palette. A job well done by NARS.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”  Coco Chanel




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