My Lip Scrub Collection

Hi Lovelies, Lip Scrubs are one of the few necessaries that have become essential over the last few years. We all have been using the lip balms all our lives but the discovery of scrubs to keep the lips moisturized and healthy is a relatively new concept. With the freezing temperatures, the skin dries more and scrubbing the lips once or twice a week keeps them in perfect condition. Also with the popularity of Matte lipsticks in general and Liquid Matte Lipsticks in particular the lips tend to get dry and flaky. Removing the dead skin with a simple scrub will leave them soft and smooth.

I own the following lip scrubs from different brands.


Bliss Fabulips

My favorite product is by Bliss called Fabulips, what a pretty name and true to it’s nature.


The scrub is soft the grains and few and leaves the lips perfect for lipsticks and stains. I normally use the Bliss Fabulips in conjunction with the Lip Scrub Machine. The combination is deadly and I have been using for last many years without fail. The lady at the Bliss Counter convinced me to give it a try and I have no regrets of investing in it what soever. The Duo is perfect and works wonders.



Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

This is another one of the products from Fresh that I totally love. Fresh as a brand I have loved for many years and I am a fan of their Scrubs. Have tried them all and love them all. When I saw the Lip Polish from Fresh I could not resist, I have to give it a try.


The consistency of the product is different from Bliss. The texture is more gritty and tastes fine too and sugary. The products does the job of cracked and dry lips. Selecting the product is actually a matter of liking. I use the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish when my lips are in poor condition and once I have used it I like to use Bliss Fabulips every other day. The process works best for me and I hardly get cracked lips anymore. The product is highly recommended!

the Lip Scrub by Sara Happ

I own two lips scrubs from Sara Happ. I had read many reviews on the products and gave it a try. I bought two of them and do not like them much. The Scrub is of fine texture in an oily residue. I used them a few times and them abandoned them. They have been sitting in my MakeUp for last few years now. The packaging is pretty and the flavors are sweet but it is not something I shall recommend for anyone to buy.




That will be all for today. Thanks a lot for sparing your time. As usual I shall welcome any Comments and Suggestions. Much Love




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