Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes

Hi Lovelies, I do not own many Clinique products because they are considered to quite an old fashioned company and rarely come up with something innovative. People with skin issues who use Clinique Skin Care swear by for the effectiveness. When Clinique came up with Chubby Sticks for Lips and Eyes I decided to give it a try. I first bought two colors initially and used it for a while. Later I bought a whole lot of them and I love them all.


How to Use the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes:

  • Apply the product directly to eyelids. These sticks do not crease so you can totally skip the eyelid Primer.
  • Blend gently upward and outward; Reapply and blend and build to desired intensity.
  • You can use few shades together if you are good with layering and color sense. I rarely try that.
  • What I love is that you twist the bottom and the Chubby Stick comes up. Never needs sharpening: simply swivel up to reveal more eye shadow. I totally hate the products that need sharpening.
  • Recap after each use; an audible click tells you it’s securely closed.
  • Easy to remove with your favorite eye makeup remover. Does not leave any residue behind if cleaned properly.


  • The color range for the Chubby Sticks is quite wide and you can get all the basic colors suitable for all skin tones.
  • The color is creamy and can be used easily for people with mature skin.
  • The colors I find most suitable for day time looks. The light colors are perfect for those who like the Natural Makeup Looks or even for Summers.
  • Totally avoids the use of Eye Lid Primer as it sets well and does not crease.
  • The colors have a sheen and look quite chic.
  • The colors glide on easily and stay all day
  • The colors can be used as a base shadow and can be topped with matching Eye Shadow for more intense looks.
  • The price is pretty reasonable.


  • The colors are pigmented but lightly pigmented most suited for Day use and need to be build up to achieve the required Dark Looks.


“06 Mighty Moss” An army Green Color

“13 Two Ton Teal” An Emerald Green Color


“04 Ample Amber” Beautiful Light Beige Color

“Lots o Latte” A Coffee Shade


“Big Blue” A Sky Blue Color

“08 Curvaceous Coal” Dark Grey with a Tinge of Purple


“14 Grandest Gold” Beautiful White with a Ting of Gold Color

“07 Pink and Plenty” Light Pink with Gold Sheen


Thanks for your time



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