Mac Lipstick in Matte Tropic Tonic A75

Just got my new lipstick from Mac Tropic Tonic Matte totally Free. I am sure you are all aware of Mac recycling program. You can bring 6 empty Mac Products and get One Lipstick free (you can get other things too). I handed over my 6 empty containers at the Mac Counter and received my Free Lipstick. I selected the colour and they gave it to me. Nothing feels better to a makeup junkie than a free lipstick and because it is a recycling program it makes you feel better about yourself too.

Let’s talk about the colour now. The color is Orange based, Coral Orange to be exact. Matte but creamy in texture. Stays put for quite a few hours. The color is well suited for Light, Medium and even Darker skin tones.

Here is the swatch of the colour



Color looks like this on me


I am totally loving it




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