Make Up Advice for Beginners

Today I decided to write the Blog that is not a product review but some advice for beginners. You might be new to makeup, you might be a young girl who just started doing her makeup or you can be a person who just got addicted to makeup but have no idea where to start. A clean nicely prepped skin is the key to flawless makeup. If your skin looks fresh and healthy you can get away with almost anything with minimal makeup.

Here are the beauty and makeup products and tools required to get your hands on.


You can use whatever moisturizer you are using regularly. For fall and winter use a heavier version and for summers and spring a light moisturizer will do. Wash your face in the morning and apply moisturizer. You can apply another coat of moisturizer before you start your makeup.


Some people might not consider a primer as part of the beginners makeup but in my opinion the make up is not complete without the use of a primer. Primer can help your makeup stay longer and if you have an oily skin a mattefying primer will do the job.

Foundation and Concealer

The skin needs to look like a clean canvass before the artist can work on it. The flawless finish is achieved by a foundation. Find a foundation that works well for you and does not oxidize. Find a concealer that matches your skin color perfectly.


Set the T Zone and the Concealer with a powder. I like light weight Powders and keep the use of powder to minimal. Too much powder can lead to a cakey finish.


You do not need tons of blusher but you definitely need the colors that flaunt your skin tone. The blusher returns the color to your cheeks after the layer of foundation foundation.


Use the highlighter on high points of the cheeks, the brow bone, bridge of the nose to bring out your features. Visit the makeup counters and try a few highlighters before buying the one.

Eye Liners

This is basically a personal choice. You can go for a Liquid Eyeliner or for a Powder One. There a so many options available in the market. Invest in a Black and a Brown Eyeliner first.

Lip Liners and Lipsticks

I always like to match my blusher, lip liner and lipstick. Get a few shades with matching lipstick and lip liner and rock the world.

Brow Pencils

Benefit has one of the best Brow products on the market for a pretty reasonable price. Get your hands on a pencil or pomade for filling the gaps in the brows


Every makeup company comes out with a mascara of their own and claim pretty good things about them. Use the one you have or like most









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