Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation


Many of my readers have requested to review the Foundations that i like and are suitable for almost all kinds of skin. One of the foundations I got my hands on recently is the “Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation” for face and body. I have been wearing the foundation for last 8 weeks and find it pretty incredible. The foundation is available in a wide range of colors from fair to dark skin tones. Here is a chart below to best help you decide what color will suit you.


As you can see the range is pretty wide. What attracted me to try the foundation in the first place was the beauty expert at the Make Up For Ever Counter suggesting that the new foundation is worth trying and it is water based. What are water based foundations? Water-based does not mean oil-free, even if the label says so; what it does generally mean is that the first ingredient is water and the second or third ingredient is some kind of oil or emollient slip agent. These foundations look like a somewhat thick liquid and pour slowly but easily out of the bottle. They are perfect for women with normal to dry skin.

The foundation gives skin a fresh, dewy glow that feels so lightweight, sheer and comfortable. The long-lasting waterproof formula is ideal for face & body, as it hydrates and evens out the skin tone perfectly. The finish is so natural it looks like skin. You can sheer it out or build. I love the feel and the finish has a fresh glow but not shiny. It is waterproof, very transfer resistant, it’s lightweight and long-wearing.

I would give the product 4 Stars.

Highly Recommended!

You can buy the product here for 43 USD




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