Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

What the hype is all about? Why there are long lines outside Harrods on the launch of Huda Beauty in London? Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks, I won three of the beautiful pieces and totally love them all.

The colors I have are “Gossip Girl” a Tea Pink Color, “Heartbreaker” a Reddish Maroon Color and “Video Star” my all time Fauschia Pink Color. I am not a fan of light and neutral tones so I don’t own any of those. I like to wear dark colors on lips and my make up is not complete without them.

I totally love the Huda Beauty Matte Liquid Lips. There are so many liquid Matte Lip products in the market and I have tried quite many of them but none of them is like these. The texture of the lipsticks is quite creamy and when you apply seems like it will not dry to a Matte finish but it miraculously does. The price of the products is not much too, the product is available for 27 USD at Huda Beauty. You can buy here

The finish of the Liquid Matte is totally awesome, not very drying to lips and stays well on lips. I like the velvet finish the Huda Matte Lips dry to. Here are the two looks I did with the Liquid Matte on me.

Here I am wearing Huda Liquid Matte in ‘Video Star’



In the next picture I am wearing the Huda Matte Liquid Lip in “Heartbreaker”



Highly Recommended!

Current Obsession!


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