Highlighter Obsession

Yay Yay Yay. I am among those makeup junkies who are obsessed with highlighters. There I said it finally. I admit that I have a huge collection of highlighters and I am proud of my collection. Highlighters just on the high points of the face. No. No. No. I don’t agree I put my highlighters anywhere I like and get away with it. Yeah we need that advise from makeup artists to put highlighters on just high points of the face Cheek Bones, Brow Bone, Cupids Bow and center of the Face but you can highlight your face as you please. I of all highlighters can not understand the concept of Matt Highlighter. I have a few and hate them all. What is the purpose of a highlighter if you are avoiding the spotlight. I have to buy every highlighter that comes under my radar. I have them in all the colors from light to dark and from yellow to Rose Gold. I am able to get away with them mostly due to my complexion. I would advise trying on a highlighter before you buy it at a makeup store.

My most favorite kind is Limited Addition Highlighters. They come in beautiful packaging from many high end brands and are quite pretty pieces to own. I like their uniqueness and love them in my collection. Dior comes up with these Limited Addition Highlighters every now and then. Though I own both Cream and Powder Highlighters, my favorite are the powder ones. I will soon write a blog on my favorite ones. Meanwhile no makeup look is complete without a Highlighter. Get your hands on them.

Love my Highlighters! Ahh

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