Artis Brushes

elitemirroroval8pairartis-brushesOval 8 Elite Mirror Collection! Make Up Game Changed

It was about 10 weeks ago that I got hold of the Artis Brushes. I have been using them since then and trying to evaluate the hype. The Instagram is bombed with the images and videos of the people doing their makeups using the Artis brushes or something similar. The results look pretty awesome not only in Videos and Instagram Shots but also in real life.

My favorite Artis Brush is Oval 8 to use for Foundation, it works very well with both liquid and cream foundations. The result is a flawless finish of the foundation and can be pretty close to the airbrush finishes. What I like most about the Oval 8 Brush is that after layering the skin it drags the extra foundation away from the face when moving downwards or sideways. You get maximum finish with minimalistic product on the face. The downside of the Brush is that it works best with Cream and Liquid Foundations but I felt it didn’t work very well with Powder Foundations or for Powder Applications.

There is a wide variety of Brushes in addition to Oval 8 and also there is a pretty wide range of collections to buy from. The price for the Oval 8 Brush 65 USD. You can get your brushes here:




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